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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the following e-mail addresses:

  • For marketing questions:
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  • For any other questions:

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9 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I’m wondering what types of EE sub-fields you use daily to make these projects. Power Systems? Controls? Embedded Systems? If you have any particular references or textbooks you would recommend as well, I’d love to know.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Thanks for the suggestion. It is a great idea to post textbook references! The trouble is, the university I went to (being in Hungary) didn’t use the textbooks normally available in the US. So, I will have to ask you: if you know of good text-books, please let me know, and I’ll compile a list. This applies to links to good on-line resources as well.

      For the sub-fields I use in these projects, that’s a mixture I guess. It’s basic EE, digital, power mostly on the HW side, and control theory, embedded systems, general CS for the SW side.

  2. Hey – I tried connecting via telnet and SSH to your simulator, and nothing 😐 just nothing after connecting (telnet) or typing in the password (SSH).

    • Hi!

      This should be solved for the most part now. For some reason after a while processes don’t get cleaned up properly and get stuck in the ‘zombie’ state. When that start happening, the OS eventually runs out of process handles (or whatever it’s called under UNICOS). At that point you won’t be able to log in as logon would not be able to start the shell for you.

      I still don’t know why this happens (any help would be appreciated!) but what I did was to restart the simulator daily to start from a clean slate. This seems to help, but in some rare cases it still gets stuck in that state.

      So, try now, it should work.

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